Dr Vincent MARMION

Consultant specialising in contempory complex systems research.

A Systems Perspective


I provide holistic organisational insights with a blended Human Resource Management and Computer Science approach. This dual systems approach ensures that solutions target at the root of your organisation's pain points. I specialise in providing alternative complex systems perspectives to decision making.

Skills & Experience

Human Computer INteraction

The interfaces between people and processes, minds and machines are a complex evolving system. The most significant impact often stems from innocuous actions. Organisations can set themselves apart through decisive action at these friction points.  

As a research consultant, I will use complex systems methodologies to illuminate your organisation's friction points. First, find these points, and then help you decide to prune or nurture towards prosperity.

Qualitative, Quantitative, & Simulation

Choosing the correct data is paramount to rooting out the problem. I have published in matters involving quantitative, qualitative and simulation methods. My approach is to let the situation dictate the method.


PhD : Behavioural Economics and Complex Systems
MSc : Complex Systems Simulation
MA Hons: Human Resource Management
BA Hons : Human Computer Interaction
A Levels : Maths, Business, Computing


Vincent Marmion, et. al., The Willingness of Crowds: Cohort Disclosure Preferences for Personally Identifying Information. ICWSM 2019: 358-368 

Vincent Marmion, et. al., The Cognitive Heuristics Behind Disclosure Decisions. SocInfo (1) 2017: 591-607

Vincent Marmion, et. al., The Tragedy of the Identity Assurance Commons. WebSci 2017: 397-398.

How Can I Help?


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