A Human-Process Approach to Change Management

Is it Time to Change?

Technology has always driven the rate of change in the world. The past few decades have experienced unprecedented technological advancement, affecting our lives and workplaces immeasurably. Ensuring positive change rather than chaotic change is the challenge facing every organisation today. BurrComb Consultants support organisations in meeting these challenges by recognising the untapped potential in business processes and talent.


Our Change Model


ALIGNMENT is the start of the change and innovation process. It comprises the activities of discovery and value and process stream mapping. The outcome of this stage is a diagnostic report to agree with the organisational decisions makers.

is the stage of putting the strategy in place. Once the diagnostic is approved, we collaborate towards working solutions, facilitate their integration and then work to incubate the new processes or policies to maturity.

is the final stage of the change and innovation process. During this stage, there is a clear organisational directive to completely adapt to the new procedures, technologies, and policies. The delivery goal is to reinforce the innovation as standard practice by evaluating the initial results.

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The Value of BurrComb

It is Time to change, But Change What

When the busy bee has space, the busy bee creates. Bees will fill any void in the hive with a comb. If it is not where the beekeeper intended, i.e., burr comb, they discard the comb as waste. Yet the astute beekeeper knows that inside the burr comb, additional honey, a brood, or even the queen may reside. They have to look inside for the value.This void filling in an organisation may manifest as downtime, boredom and distractedness. The keen manager would do well to avoid these wasted resources, and often they are right. Our astute manager, however, takes greater regard. That downtime may be facilitating information transfer, the boredom may indicate a frustrated and potential rising star, or it may be the distraction is the cusp of innovation.


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